Thermopile Array

Detects a candle flame at a range 2 metres (6ft) - unaffected by ambient light!

Precision Thermistors

Temperature range 1k -50 to +90C, 1k, 10k & 100k -50 to +110C
Thermal time cobstant 15 seconds
Accuracy +/- 1%
Rated power 10mW at 25°C

TPA81 8x1 Thermopile Array

Part No.: 3801-020

Shipping Weight: 10.00 g.

£51.57 (£61.88 inc tax)
Out of Stock
Electronics Special Order Product
Normally dispatched within 3-7 days
Voltage - 5v only required Current - 5mA Typ. excluding servo Temperature Range - 4°C - 100°C Accuracy (Full FOV) - +/-3°C from 4°C to 10°C +/-2°C +/-2%... Read More
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