Pressure Sensors

Barometric Pressure Sensor breakout Board

MPL115A1 Barometric Pressure Sensor

Part No.: 3801-321

Shipping Weight: 1.00 g.

£18.01 (£21.61 inc tax)
In stock
The MPL115A1 from Sparkfun SEN-09721 is a digital barometric pressure sensor that uses MEMs technology to give accurate pressure measurements between... Read More
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MPL3115A2 Altitude / Pressure Sensor

Part No.: 3801-322

Shipping Weight: 1.00 g.

£10.80 (£12.96 inc tax)
In stock
The MPL3115A2 is a MEMS pressure sensor that provides Altitude data to within 30cm (with oversampling enabled). The sensor outputs are digitized by a... Read More
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Pololu LPS331AP Pressure/Altitude Sensor Carrier + V/Reg

Part No.: 3801-323

Shipping Weight: 3.00 g.

£5.98 (£7.18 inc tax)
In stock
This carrier for ST’s LPS331AP digital barometer measures pressures from 260 mbar to 1260 mbar (26 kPa to 126 kPa) with absolute... Read More
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Kitronik Digital Barometer Breakout Board (MPL115A2)

Part No.: 3801-324

Shipping Weight: 4.00 g.

£5.55 (£6.66 inc tax)
In stock
This board uses a MPL115A2 digital barometer which can provide a temperature compensated pressure reading. The sensor can measure pressures between 50 kPa... Read More


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