Line Drivers

RS485/RS422 Line driver chips for serial communications.

MAX485CPA+ Transceiver RS485/RS422

Part No.: 2251-485

Shipping Weight: 1.00 g.

£1.97 (£2.36 inc tax)
In stock
RS485/RS422 line driver/receivers The MAX485 is a low-power transceiver for RS-485 and RS-422 communication. Each chip contains one driver and one... Read More
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MAX3232CPE+ Transceiver RS232

Part No.: 2251-232

Shipping Weight: 1.00 g.

£2.27 (£2.72 inc tax)
In stock
The MAX3232 transceiver has a proprietary low-dropout transmitter output stage enabling true RS-232 performance from a 3.0V to 5.5V supply with a dual... Read More
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