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Solarbotics Robots & Kits

Low cost Solarbotics robot and science kits.

Solarbotics Sumovore Basic Stamp II Add on Kit

Part No.: 7026-002

Shipping Weight: 33.00 g.

£13.21   £8.81 (£10.57 inc tax)
In stock
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Program the Sumovore with a Basic Stamp II add-on! This module lets you interface your own BS2 compatible or Stamp Stack II module (not included) to your... Read More
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Solarbotics Sumovore PIC Add on Kit

Part No.: 7026-003

Shipping Weight: 60.00 g.

£21.50   £14.33 (£17.20 inc tax)
In stock
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If you're a microprocessor fanatic at heart and you want to make your Sumovore programmable with a PIC, replace the standard discrete-logic brain with the... Read More
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Solarbotics Sumovore V2 Brainboard Prototyping Add-on

Part No.: 7026-005

Shipping Weight: 20.00 g.

£4.10   £2.73 (£3.28 inc tax)
In stock
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The K BB-Proto makes use of the expansion port on the new "Version 2" brainboards for the Sumovore and ScoutWalker III. By simply plugging it in, it lets you... Read More
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