Machining Services

Our machine shop has also been re-located as part of the business move to Rugby, we anticipate the machines will be operational around mid December. Orders placed which include custom bore sizes and tapped holes will be processed as soon as the machines are spinning again.

Robot Platforms

Micro Rover Kit

Part No.: 7026-200

Shipping Weight: 440.00 g.

£23.17   £14.95 (£17.94 inc tax)
[Currently Unavailable]
Discontinued Product
A basic kit for building a tracked Micro Rover. The kit includes: Aluminium chass plate 100 x 200mm 12 Standard wheels 2 rubber tracks 2 wormdrive gear... Read More
2990 Techno Points

Tamiya Track & Wheel Set

Part No.: 7026-210

Shipping Weight: 165.00 g.

£7.77 (£9.32 inc tax)
In stock
The Tamiya 70100 Track and Wheel Set is designed to be used in conjunction with multiple Tamiya products. You can use a Tamiya Universal Plate Set for... Read More
1554 Techno Points

Magician Chassis

Part No.: 7026-250

Shipping Weight: 355.49 g.

£13.93 (£16.72 inc tax)
In stock
Description: The Magician Chassis is our latest robot platform from Dagu. It features two gearmotors with 65mm wheels and a rear caster. The chassis... Read More
2786 Techno Points

Zumo Chassis Kit (No motors)

Part No.: 7026-215

Shipping Weight: 90.00 g.

£15.61 (£18.73 inc tax)
In stock
Overview The Pololu Zumo chassis kit contains the components necessary to build a small, high-performance tracked robot platform that is compact enough... Read More
3122 Techno Points

Zumo Robot Kit for Arduino (No Motors)

Part No.: 7026-216

Shipping Weight: 162.00 g.

£33.61 (£40.33 inc tax)
In stock
This combination deal contains most of the parts you need to build an Arduino-controlled Zumo robot. It consists of a Zumo Shield for Arduino , a Zumo... Read More
6722 Techno Points

Zumo Shield for Arduino

Part No.: 7026-217

Shipping Weight: 38.00 g.

£19.52 (£23.42 inc tax)
In stock
Overview The Zumo Shield is designed specifically to be a convenient interface between a Zumo chassis and an Arduino Uno or Leonardo . The shield... Read More
3904 Techno Points

Basic Sumo Blade for Zumo Chassis

Part No.: 7026-218

Shipping Weight: 30.00 g.

£2.31 (£2.77 inc tax)
In stock
This basic sumo blade (sometimes also called a “scoop”) is intended for use with the Zumo chassis . It is made of 0.036″-thick,... Read More
462 Techno Points

Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array

Part No.: 7026-219

Shipping Weight: 9.00 g.

£7.79 (£9.35 inc tax)
In stock
Overview The Zumo reflectance sensor array provides an easy way to add line sensing or edge detection to a Zumo robot . It features six separate... Read More
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