Animation modules

Low cost animation products including head, legs, mouth and tail motorised modules.

Head or Tail Animation Module

Part No.: 7027-001

Shipping Weight: 100.00 g.

£2.81 (£3.37 inc tax)
In stock
Used to produce head or tail side to side movements in animation projects. Includes battery box with on/off switch (uses 2 x AA batteries which are not... Read More
562 Techno Points

Tail Animation Module

Part No.: 7027-003

Shipping Weight: 80.00 g.

£2.68 (£3.22 inc tax)
In stock
Used to produce a wagging motion for tails, fish etc.. animation projects. The tail section consists of a flexible metal strip 100mm long x 10mm wide that... Read More
536 Techno Points

Head, Mouth & Shoulder Animation Module

Part No.: 7027-006

Shipping Weight: 175.00 g.

£4.75 (£5.70 inc tax)
In stock
This mechanism provides an opportunity to animate heads and mouths in textiles based projects. It can be integrated with PICs or other control circuits to... Read More
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