Servo Accessories

3 Way Servo Tray

Part No.: 3260-011

Shipping Weight: 20.00 g.

£6.47   £2.16 (£2.59 inc tax)
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A tray to assist in mounting up to 3 servo's (size S3003, S148 etc.)  Complete with mounting hardware.
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ServoSense Plus Current Logger

Part No.: 3260-030

Shipping Weight: 3.00 g.

£9.46   £6.94 (£8.33 inc tax)
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The ServoSense Plus is an inflight current logger for your radio gear. You can use it to help diagnose servo or BEC problems in your system. It can also... Read More
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Mini Pan & Tilt Servo Bracket

Part No.: 3240-005

Shipping Weight: 30.00 g.

£4.80 (£5.76 inc tax)
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This pan/tilt bracket from Sparkfun ROB-10335 consists of two brackets and all the hardware you need to attach them to make a pan/tilt mechanism using... Read More
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Servo Mount

Part No.: 3240-006

Shipping Weight: 1.00 g.

£0.30 (£0.36 inc tax)
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Description: Servos are awesome for robotics projects but they can be difficult to mount the way you want hence these plastic servo mounts. Note:... Read More
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OpenBeam - Servo Bracket - Packet of 2

Part No.: 4450-015

Shipping Weight: 24.00 g.

£9.25 (£11.10 inc tax)
In stock
The OpenBeam Aluminium Servo Mounting Plate allows a standard sized hobby servo to be added to the OpenBeam structure. You may clamp from 7mm to 16mm... Read More
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MakerBeam - Servo Bracket

Part No.: 4446-018

Shipping Weight: 18.00 g.

£2.98   £2.38 (£2.86 inc tax)
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Using a servo motor and makerbeam just got easier. This servo motor bracket is made from acrylic glass (Perspex or polymethyl methacrylate ) and was... Read More
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