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Build your own test equipement with our full kits of parts.

Frequency Counter Kit

Part No.: 2900-015

Shipping Weight: 60.00 g.

£33.61   £28.01 (£33.61 inc tax)
In stock
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Description: This new revision (as of 16th April 2013) includes a JST cable and also fixes the TX/RX swap from the last revision. Now you can use an... Read More
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Simple Square Wave Generator Kit

Part No.: 2902-505

Shipping Weight: 30.00 g.

£5.73   £2.51 (£3.01 inc tax)
In stock
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Quick Overview Supply Voltage: 9V DC / 50mA Output Amplitude: 8V peak-to-peak Output Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz or 200Hz - 50KHz   This simple and... Read More
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Bar Graph 30 LED Breakout Kit

Part No.: 2900-045

Shipping Weight: 35.00 g.

£10.80 (£12.96 inc tax)
In stock
Description: Got too much data for 10 measly segments? This kit contains a PCB and all the parts needed to build a 30-LED bargraph that can be driven by... Read More
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Frequency Generator Kit - FG085

Part No.: 2900-017

Shipping Weight: 275.00 g.

£45.62 (£54.74 inc tax)
In stock
Note: Supplied as a kit of parts. Function generators are useful in a ton of applications from RF to embedded logic. They're not usually super cheap... Read More
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Windows USB Oscilloscope Module

Part No.: 2900-006

Shipping Weight: 20.00 g.

£15.00 (£18.00 inc tax)
In stock
If you do not have access to an oscilloscope then this may just meet your needs. This easy to use USB scope uses a free of charge windows software via a... Read More


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