Surface Mount LEDs

Triple Output LED RGB - SMD

Part No.: 8000-267

Shipping Weight: 0.05 g.

£1.54 (£1.85 inc tax)
Out of Stock
Sparkfun Special Order Product
Order by Apr 24 for dispatch Apr 29
This is a non-stock item, to check stock availability see the Sparkfun website page COM-07844 . Please allow up to 18 days for dispatch, for more... Read More
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Part No.: 2110-100

Shipping Weight: 1.00 g.

£0.65 (£0.78 inc tax)
In stock
Description: These are the same RGB LEDs that are used for the WS2801 breakout board. They're great when you need a lot of color from not a lot of board... Read More
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WS2812 RGB LED Breakout Board

Part No.: 2900-473

Shipping Weight: 2.00 g.

£2.18 (£2.62 inc tax)
In stock
This is a breakout board for the built in WS2812 RGB LED. The WS2812 is actually an RGB LED with a WS2811 built right into the LED! All the necessary pins... Read More
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