LED Matrix Displays

LED Matrix Displays in various sizes and colours.

Dual Colour 64 LED Small Matrix Display

Part No.: 2110-801

Shipping Weight: 8.00 g.

£3.19 (£3.83 inc tax)
In stock
LED Matrix from Sparkfun COM-00682 with Bright-Red and Bright-Green LEDs. This medium matrix has 64 Red/Green LEDs built into one common cathode housing.... Read More
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Red/Green 5x7 LED 50.8mm Matrix Com Cathode

Part No.: 2110-815

Shipping Weight: 22.00 g.

£3.07 (£3.68 inc tax)
In stock
A 5x7 red/green bi-colour LED dot matrix with a column cathode. Overall size 53 x 37.65mm. See downloads tab for full datasheet.
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