Variable Speed Motor Regulators

Unidirectional and Bi-Directional Variable and fixed speed controllers.

Panel Mounted Bi-Directional Variable Speed Regulator

Part No.: 1062-008

Shipping Weight: 75.00 g.

£14.42 (£17.30 inc tax)
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This reversing variable motor speed controller is ideal for those non-RC applications where you need control over a small model motor. We have received... Read More
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L298 H-Bridge 2 x 2A Motor Controller

Part No.: 2902-005

Shipping Weight: 70.00 g.

£26.06   £17.91 (£21.49 inc tax)
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Quick Overview Motor supply: 6 to 35 VDC Control Logic: Standard TTL Logic Level Output Power: Up to 2 A each Current Sense Outputs Onboard Power... Read More
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LCD Display Module for 2902-050

Part No.: 2902-051

Shipping Weight: 40.00 g.

£11.71   £8.05 (£9.66 inc tax)
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This is an optional LCD display for our 50A Cana Kit motor speed controller UK1133 - Technobots part number 2902-050 . Read More
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