Machining Services

Our machine shop has also been re-located as part of the business move to Rugby, we anticipate the machines will be operational around mid December. Orders placed which include custom bore sizes and tapped holes will be processed as soon as the machines are spinning again.

Technobots Controllers

Speed controllers developed for our own robot kits but also suitable for general use

Technobots Z48 Robot Controller

Part No.: 1504-001

Shipping Weight: 22.00 g.

£29.78   £15.83 (£19.00 inc tax)
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The Z48 robot controller supplied pre-programmed with a back-up copy of the operating software on CD. You can download the PICAXE programming software for... Read More
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Z48 Controller RC Lead

Part No.: 1504-100

Shipping Weight: 50.00 g.

£5.28   £3.30 (£3.96 inc tax)
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Use this 6-wire lead to make the connection between the Z48 controller and the radio receiver (2-channels required)
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