Solarbotics Motor Controllers

Construction kits that require soldering, not aimed at the beginner.

Solarbotics L293D Motor Driver Kit

Part No.: 1505-001

Shipping Weight: 35.00 g.

£12.21 (£14.65 inc tax)
In stock
Want to turn a servo into a more powerful gear motor? The Secret Motor Driver Kit replaces the guts of a standard servo with a logic-signal friendly L293D... Read More
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Solarbotics L298 Compact Motor Driver Kit

Part No.: 1505-002

Shipping Weight: 44.00 g.

£17.87 (£21.44 inc tax)
In stock
The L298 is a popular motor driver IC that is usable from 6 to 50V, at up to 4A total output current. By itself, the IC is somewhat diffcult to wire and... Read More
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