MIDI/MP3/Ogg Vorbis etc.. Decoders / Synthesizers

VS1000D Ogg Vorbis Player Breakout Board

Part No.: 2900-414

Shipping Weight: 13.00 g.

£26.32   £23.03 (£27.64 inc tax)
In stock
This is a breakout board from Sparkfun BOB-08849 for the VS1000D -- a single-chip Ogg Vorbis (license-free audio codec) player with USB and NAND-FLASH... Read More
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VS1053 MP3 & MIDI Decoder Breakout Board

Part No.: 2900-415

Shipping Weight: 6.00 g.

£18.50 (£22.20 inc tax)
Out of Stock
Stocks due in less than 1 week
This new revision uses a new board layout and the TEST pin has also been tied in to IOVDD, no more green wires. The VS1053 is a great MP3 decoder, and... Read More
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Embedded MP3 Player V2 2012

Part No.: 2900-416

Shipping Weight: 20.00 g.

£37.01 (£44.41 inc tax)
In stock
Description: Make some noise with your next project! This is the latest version of the V2 MP3 Trigger board (we refer to it as V2 2012) and is built... Read More
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VS1033 MP3 Breakout Board

Part No.: 2900-418

Shipping Weight: 5.00 g.

£17.27   £14.80 (£17.76 inc tax)
In stock
This product replaces the previous version that used a VS1002 MP3 IC from VLSI The VS1033D-L is a great MP3 decoder, and with this breakout board from... Read More
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Audio-Sound Breakout Board WTV020SD

Part No.: 2900-460

Shipping Weight: 5.00 g.

£14.80 (£17.76 inc tax)
In stock
Description: The WTV020SD is a small, simple IC for embedding audio-playback into your next project. These devices are commonly used in children's toys... Read More
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MDFly SD Card MP3 Player Module RS232-TTL

Part No.: 2900-700

Shipping Weight: 20.00 g.

£10.36 (£12.43 inc tax)
In stock
Play specified audio from a SD card, up to 199 files. This mp3 player module is ideal for any applications or projects that need to control and play a... Read More
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MDFly SD Card MP3 Player Board v2.0

Part No.: 2900-701

Shipping Weight: 28.00 g.

£26.00 (£31.20 inc tax)
[Currently Unavailable]
No date for new stocks
Description: New design, easy to use SD card MP3 player board with TTL and 8 songs direct control. Supports both SD and SDHC card. ... Read More
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MDFly TF Card MP3 Player Module

Part No.: 2900-702

Shipping Weight: 10.00 g.

£20.79   £18.43 (£22.12 inc tax)
In stock
The AU5032 is a fully integrated TF MP3 player module with the ability to decode MPEG Layer-3 (MP3) audio file and can be controlled with any... Read More
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