Perforated Steel Sheet

A great construction material that is easily cut with tin snips or hacksaw. The sheet is easily folded into boxes (makes a great screened box for radio receivers) or as a chassis for small models etc..

Perforated Metal Strip 305x8.75x0.5xR3mm Pk of 5

Part No.: 4440-001

Shipping Weight: 61.00 g.

£5.40 (£6.48 inc tax)
In stock
305 x 8.75 x 0.5mm plated steel perforated strip with 3mm round holes supplied in packs of 5
1080 Techno Points

Perforated Metal Sheet 200x110x0.5xS3mm

Part No.: 4440-002

Shipping Weight: 108.00 g.

£3.00 (£3.60 inc tax)
In stock
200 x 110 x 0.5mm plated steel sheet with 3mm square holes on a 5mm pitch supplied in packs of 1
600 Techno Points

Perforated Metal Strip 10m x12x0.75xR5mm

Part No.: 4440-052

Shipping Weight: 637.00 g.

£10.98 (£13.18 inc tax)
In stock
Holed metal strip Zinc plated, 12 mm wide, 0,75 mm thick, hole 5 mm dia, Hole distance 9,5 mm 10 metre Roll
2196 Techno Points


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