Many of the kits are available in two versions, the Retail version is prepacked in a display case and includes a set of printed instructions which also makes it ideal as a present. The second Components Only version is simply a bag of the components with no printed instructions but the instructions can be downloaded from our site for you to print out as needed.

Kitronik Square Wave Generator Kit (Retail Vers)

Part No.: 2904-117

Shipping Weight: 53.00 g.

£3.00 (£3.60 inc tax)
In stock
This kit is perfect for studying the use of a 555 timer in its astable mode, where it produces a square wave output. The frequency of which is adjustable... Read More
600 Techno Points

Kitronik Xylophone Component Kit

Part No.: 2904-205

Shipping Weight: 80.00 g.

£4.73   £3.47 (£4.16 inc tax)
In stock
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The xylophone has eight notes, which are sounded by placing a finger onto the PCB, allowing a simple tune to be played. The conversion of key presses into... Read More
694 Techno Points

Kitronik Programmable Music Box Component Kit

Part No.: 2904-222

Shipping Weight: 26.00 g.

£3.00 (£3.60 inc tax)
In stock
The music box has a micro switch used to start the music when the box lid is opened, or can be triggered by a passing coin in to a money box. The kit... Read More
600 Techno Points

Kitronik PIC Frisbee Component Kit with Batteries

Part No.: 2904-228

Shipping Weight: 30.00 g.

£4.95 (£5.94 inc tax)
In stock
This is a great fun kit that is sure to grab the interest of your students. When thrown the Frisbee will produce a visual display created by the LEDs on... Read More
990 Techno Points

Kitronik Solar Garden Light Comp Kit with Battery

Part No.: 2904-234

Shipping Weight: 38.00 g.

£4.73 (£5.68 inc tax)
In stock
The solar garden light is an interesting project that uses sustainable energy to illuminate a white LED. During the day the solar panel charges an AA... Read More
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