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Many of the kits are available in two versions, the Retail version is prepacked in a display case and includes a set of printed instructions which also makes it ideal as a present. The second Components Only version is simply a bag of the components with no printed instructions but the instructions can be downloaded from our site for you to print out as needed.

  Product Product code Price Ex VAT  
Kitronik Xylophone Kit (Retail Version)

Part No.: 2904-105

Shipping Weight: 108.00 g.

Kitronik Bike Light Kit (Retail Version)

Part No.: 2904-106

Shipping Weight: 42.00 g.

Kitronik Torch Kit (Retail Version)

Part No.: 2904-114

Shipping Weight: 44.00 g.

Kitronik Square Wave Generator Kit (Retail Vers)

Part No.: 2904-117

Shipping Weight: 53.00 g.

Kitronik Colour Night Light Kit (Retail Version)

Part No.: 2904-120

Shipping Weight: 50.00 g.

Kitronik Colour USB Lamp Kit (Retail Version)

Part No.: 2904-131

Shipping Weight: 59.00 g.

Kitronik White USB Lamp Kit (Retail Version)

Part No.: 2904-132

Shipping Weight: 59.00 g.

Kitronik Solar Light Kit (Retail Version)

Part No.: 2904-134

Shipping Weight: 64.00 g.

Kitronik Xylophone Component Kit

Part No.: 2904-205

Shipping Weight: 80.00 g.

Kitronik Bike Light Component Kit

Part No.: 2904-206

Shipping Weight: 14.00 g.

Kitronik Light Activated Switch Component Kit

Part No.: 2904-212

Shipping Weight: 6.00 g.

Kitronik LED Torch Component Kit with Battery

Part No.: 2904-214

Shipping Weight: 17.00 g.

Kitronik Square Wave Generator Component Kit

Part No.: 2904-217

Shipping Weight: 55.00 g.

Kitronik Colour Changing Night Light Component Kit

Part No.: 2904-220

Shipping Weight: 50.00 g.

Kitronik Programmable Music Box Component Kit

Part No.: 2904-222

Shipping Weight: 26.00 g.

Kitronik PIC Frisbee Component Kit with Batteries

Part No.: 2904-228

Shipping Weight: 30.00 g.

Kitronik Colour Changing USB Lamp Component Kit

Part No.: 2904-231

Shipping Weight: 32.00 g.

Kitronik White USB Lamp Component Kit

Part No.: 2904-232

Shipping Weight: 32.00 g.

Kitronik Solar Garden Light Comp Kit with Battery

Part No.: 2904-234

Shipping Weight: 38.00 g.

Kitronik Record Playback Kit

Part No.: 2904-249

Shipping Weight: 40.00 g.



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