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Kitronik Colour Night Light Kit (Retail Version)

Kitronik Colour Night Light Kit (Retail Version)

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The colour changing LED in this kit is automatically illuminated and starts to cycle through various patterns when the light sensor has detected that is dark. The kit uses the light activated board with a colour changing LED. Ordering is now easier - order part code 2120 and you will get the light activated switch project kit (part 2112) accompanied with a battery clip, battery cage and rainbow LED. All individually bagged and ready for your students to build.

This kit contains:

  • 1 x 100Kohm potentiometer
  • 2 x BC337 NPN transistor
  • 1 x 220ohm resistor
  • 1 x LDR (light dependent resistor)
  • 1 x colour changing (rainbow) LED
  • 1 x PP3 clip leads
  • 1 x 4AA battery holder
  • 1 x night light PCB

PCB dimensions: 53mm x 25.5mm.

Requires x4 AA batteries, not included.

This kit is supplied in a blister retail packaging complete with printed instructions. It is also available in a simple grip seal bag version without instructions.


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