Infrared Thermometer - MLX90614

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Infrared Thermometer - MLX90614

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Description: Melexis' MLX90614ESF-BAA is an infrared thermometer designed for non-contact temperature sensing. An internal 17-bit ADC and a powerful DSP contribute to the MLX90614's high accuracy and resolution. It has a huge number of applications including body temperature measurment and movement detection.

The MLX90614 provides two methods of output: PWM and SMBus (i.e. TWI, I2C). The 10-bit PWM output provides a resolution of 0.14°C, while the TWI interface has a resolution of 0.02°C. The MLX90614 is factory calibrated in wide temperature ranges: -40 to 85°C for the ambient temperature and -70 to 382.2°C for the object temperature. The measured value is the average temperature of all objects in the Field Of View of the sensor. The MLX90614 offers a standard accuracy of 0.5°C around room temperatures.

This devices comes in an industry standard TO-39 package. We're carrying the 3V version of this sensor.


  • Small size, low cost
  • Easy to integrate
  • Factory calibrated in wide temperature range:
    • -40 to +85°C for sensor temperature
    • -70 to +380°C for object temperature
  • SMBus compatible digital interface
  • Customizable PWM output for continuous reading
  • High accuracy of 0.5°C over wide temperature range (0 to +50°C for both Ta and To)
  • Measurement resolution of 0.02°C
  • Single and dual zone versions
  • Simple adaptation for 8 to 16V applications
  • Power saving mode
  • Different package options for applications and measurements versatility
  • Automotive grade


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