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16/10/2014, 14:18

"Fast and efficient service everytime no matter how small the order"


07/10/2014, 10:42

"First time I've used Technobots. Only a small order but processed, dispatched and received in less than 48 hours, can't ask more than that. Thanks."


01/10/2014, 14:25

"Quick and very efficient"


23/09/2014, 13:49


Sorry to hear you are not happy with the service provided.

1. Currently we are only able to indicate if an item is in stock, not how many there are. This is advised in our terms and conditions as:

"Back Orders

Currently we are unable to display the physical stock level of items on the website. If we have insufficient stocks of an item to meet your order, we generally dispatch what we have with any balance placed on back order. If new stocks are due within a day or two, we may delay dispatch in order to send out your order complete. Out of stock items are automatically put on back order but you can cancel a back order at any time for a full refund of the outstanding items.

We do not charge any extra carriage for sending out back orders but the carriage method is at Technobot's discretion."

2. We have not been requested to compensate for any delivery charges but we will certainly do so where there has been an error on our part.

3. We are unable to answer tech queries on the phone as we have over 12,000 products and to provide a comprehensive reply may require detailed research into the product or getting the product out of the stores and checking it.

4. We also find the lack of an email address field frustrating but that option is not available to us within this shopping cart. Our other sites use a different version of this cart and we had that modified to include the email field.

We have published all testimonials except for one which could not be published for legal reasons.

I have tracked back through your issue and the data we provided on this site was as per the manufacturers. The last communication on the Q&A I could find was where we stated we were waiting for new stocks so we could examine them and we also said to "return any bits you wish with a note explaining what you require us to do. For example, modify or exchange the coupling".

We have not received any bits back so can only assume you managed to resolve the problem. We remain willing to assist in resolving any outstanding issue if you can give us the opportunity to do so."


23/09/2014, 13:22

"* Failed to indicate low stock levels when ordering an 'in stock' item.
* Failed to compensate delivery charges or recognise my frustrations, despite waiting a week longer than when the item was supposed to be delivered
* Refused to answer queries around an inaccurate product description over the phone (dimensions are wrong), making discussions time consuming and frustrating
* The Q&A section that I was told to use has no field for email addresses, so I had to check the product page regularly for updates

Will not touch again with a barge pole, although this review probably won't be published anyway as none of them in the 'testimonials' are negative.

Technobots replied 23/09/2014 13:49 above"

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