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28/10/2014, 11:27

"Easy to use web site, fast and efficient response and great delivery times. What more could you want.


27/10/2014, 21:56

"Getting things right is no test of customer service. A service provider's service is best revealed when things go wrong.

I have been using Technobots for mechanical parts for several years. The product is good quality, reasonably priced, and delivery is always prompt. My last order suffered a packing error, and by the time I discovered it I'd already sent out a quarter of the products to customers. Following a brief phone call the problem has been corrected and the missing quarter of the order written off by Technobots.

Oliver, you're a jackass and got better than you deserve. People like you will never be happy, even if your selfish whining wrecks someone else's livelihood. "


16/10/2014, 14:18

"Fast and efficient service everytime no matter how small the order"


07/10/2014, 10:42

"First time I've used Technobots. Only a small order but processed, dispatched and received in less than 48 hours, can't ask more than that. Thanks."


01/10/2014, 14:25

"Quick and very efficient"

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