How to do I Register?

Step 1 - Make sure your club is registered with Technobots by checking out Registered Clubs page.

Step 2 - We have now closed our club discount scheme for new clubs joining - sorry. With an average of less than two members from each registered club selecting to receive the discount, we do not feel the uptake is sufficient to continue. In 2014, the scheme is likely to close to existing members when we migrate to a new website, registered club officials will be given a minimum of 3 months notice of the closure date. In the mean time, if your club is listed then either you will have received the clubs user name and password or you will need to contact a club official to obtain it.

Step 3 - Assuming that you now have the clubs user name and password you can proceed to register this in your Technobots user profile. If you have previously registered yourself on this website, perhaps when placing a previous order, simply go to your user profile and enter the your clubs user name and password and click on 'Join', see below for detailed instructions. If you have not registered on this site even if you registered on our old technobots.co.uk website, please follow these instructions:

Step 4 - Click on the 'Register' link


Step 5 -Enter your details into the profile page, your details will be retained so that each time you sign in, your name and address details will already be there saving you from typing them out each time. It will even remember that you are a registered club member and automatically apply the discount at the check out.



Step 6 -Be sure to enter the club user name and password that you received from your club secretary. Also include your membership number if available.


Step 7 -Make sure that the billing address matches that which your payment card is registered to. You can have goods sent to a different address if you need by selecting the 'Ship to a different address' and then completing the delivery address.  Once you have completed your profile details, click on the 'Register' button.  You will receive a comfirmation Email of your registration details.


Step 8 - You should see for a short period a green pop up that confirms that your user profile / account has been successful. You will also now be logged in with your user name, in our example our user profile is called 'Test Profile'. If you sign out, you can simply sign in again using your user name and password. On the screen now should be your Profile Details, if not make sure you are signed in and click on 'Profile Details' in the box called 'My Account' on the right hand side.



Step 9 -Click on the 'User Groups' tab



Step 10 -The User Groups tab displays which groups are available, you need to click 'Join' associated with the 'Club' user group. At the time of writing, this was the only available option. This will send a request to Technobots that you wish to take advantage of the club discount scheme. Technobots will then check that your club user name and password match that we issued to your club.



Step 11 - Until your application for club discount is approved, your profile will show that the status is 'Pending'. If you do not hear anything within a couple of working days, please contact us.



Step 12 -Once your application has been approved, the status will change to 'Active' and you will receive a confirmation Email as well. That's it, you will now receive your clubs discount at the checkout. Any issues, do contact us so we can assist.








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