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Our machine shop has also been re-located as part of the business move to Rugby, we anticipate the machines will be operational around mid December. Orders placed which include custom bore sizes and tapped holes will be processed as soon as the machines are spinning again.

MOD 1 Gear sets

Small plastic model gears in MOD 1 size for interference fit on shafts.

Plastic Spur Gear Set

Part No.: 4600-051

Shipping Weight: 14.00 g.

£1.68 (£2.02 inc tax)
In stock
Contains 1 each of 4600-001, 4600-003 & 4600-004
336 Techno Points

MOD1 Economy Plastic Gear Set 1

Part No.: 4600-150

Shipping Weight: 9.00 g.

£0.91 (£1.09 inc tax)
In stock
Now we were quite surpised at the quality of these gears and they are quite suitable for general model making. Note colour supplied may vary from that shown... Read More
182 Techno Points


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