MOD 1 Gear Chain

Two very similar chains that will work with any of our MOD 1 plastic gears.

MFA Plastic Gear Chain 1m

Part No.: 4600-007

Shipping Weight: 37.00 g.

£5.28 (£6.34 inc tax)
In stock
A light duty chain that is suitable for our range of plastic MOD 1 plastic spur gears.
1056 Techno Points

Steel Wire Chain for MOD 1 Gears 45cm

Part No.: 4600-180

Shipping Weight: 15.00 g.

£2.65 (£3.18 inc tax)
In stock
Stocks due in 1-2 weeks
A shorter length at 45cm, similar to 4600-007 above.
530 Techno Points


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