O Rings

O rings sold in kits.

Silverline 'O' Rings 85 Piece Pack

Part No.: 4555-705

Shipping Weight: 780.00 g.

£1.84 (£2.21 inc tax)
In stock
Mini pack of 'O' rings sizes from 4.2x7.2 - 15.4x23.8mm. Includes mini pack organiser case
368 Techno Points

Silverline 'O' Rings 225 Piece Pack

Part No.: 4555-752

Shipping Weight: 138.00 g.

£4.38 (£5.26 inc tax)
In stock
Rubber 'O' ring assortment pack. Includes most common sizes. Suitable for plumbing, car repair etc. Supplied in clear plastic organiser case. 3x6 - 20x27mm...
876 Techno Points

Silverline 'O' Rings Set 419 Piece Pack

Part No.: 4555-753

Shipping Weight: 720.00 g.

£8.21 (£9.85 inc tax)
In stock
Wide selection of 'O' rings from 6mm to 58mm. Includes storage case
1642 Techno Points


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