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Starter Packs

The very popular and powerful yet low cost was way into programmable control boards using the BASIC language. See the 'Downloads' tab in the 3803-004 PICAXE 08 product description for a full set of instruction manuals.

Picaxe-20M2 Starter Pack

Part No.: 3803-007

Shipping Weight: 70.00 g.

£6.99 (£8.39 inc tax)
In stock
The 'PICAXE-20M' is a new microcontroller system that provides 8 input / 8 output pins - at very low cost. The PICAXE-20 Pack includes a self assembly proto... Read More
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Picaxe-08M Starter Pack Kit

Part No.: 3803-004

Shipping Weight: 70.00 g.

£6.24 (£7.49 inc tax)
In stock
The PICAXE-08M Pack AXE003 includes a self assembly proto board, all components required including the PICAXE-08M microcontroller & a 3 cell battery holder... Read More
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Picaxe-28X1 Starter Pack

Part No.: 3803-002

Shipping Weight: 106.00 g.

£17.10   £11.40 (£13.68 inc tax)
In stock
End of line, less than 2 remaining
The PICAXE-28X1 Pack AXE001 includes project board, 28X1 microcontroller chip, a CDROM with software and manuals & a 3 cell battery holder (requires 3 AA... Read More
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