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Pololu’s Orangutan robot controllers are combinations of microcontrollers and additional hardware useful for controlling robots. All Orangutans feature Atmel AVR microcontrollers, multiple H-bridges for direct control of DC motors, and most units have integrated LCD displays. All units except the Orangutan X2 require external programmers such as Atmel’s AVRISP or the Pololu Orangutan USB programmer (see 3805-040 below). We also stock Pololu's range of motor speed controllers for where you do not require the programmability of the Orangutan.

The Orangutan family currently has four members:

* Orangutan is the original Pololu robot controller based on a mega8/168 microcontrollers and LB1836M dual motor driver that can deliver up to 1 A peak. The operating voltage is 5-10 V.

* Baby Orangutan packs the same basic hardware as the original Orangutan into a familiar 24-pin DIP-size package. This is the only Orangutan product without explicit LCD support, but an LCD can be connected externally. The Baby Orangutan is available with a mega48 or a mega168 microcontroller.

* Orangutan X2 is by far the most powerful Orangutan, and it is intended for small and medium-sized robots. The design features a dual-AVR architecture that leaves a mega644 microcontroller almost completely available to the user while taking care of low-level motor control tasks on the pre-programmed mega168, which also doubles as a programmer for the master processor. A stacked motor driver PCB allows the compact integration of beefy motor drivers that can deliver hundreds of watts. The Orangutan X2 is available with the VNH2SP30 or VNH3SP30 motor drivers and with or without a 4-line x 20-character LCD.

* Orangutan LV-168 is similar to the original Orangutan but redesigned for low-voltage (2.5-5.5 V) operation. A step-up regulator provides 5 V to the microcontroller (and your sensors) while a pair of discrete, low-voltage H-bridges replace the original LB1836M motor driver to deliver up to 2 A continuous to get the most power out of low-voltage motors.

Orangutan X2 Robot Controller VHN2

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Pololu€™s Orangutan X2 is by far the most powerful Orangutan. The design features a dual-AVR architecture that leaves an Atmel ATmega644 AVR microcontroller... Read More
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