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MakerBeam Accessories

MakerBeam - Bearings & Fixings Set Pack of 10

Part No.: 4446-030

Shipping Weight: 51.00 g.

£10.19 (£12.23 inc tax)
Out of Stock
Stocks due in 2-3 weeks
Movement suddenly becomes an option when you add bearings. MakerBeam.eu offers you a small pack with 10 bearings, 10 M3 12mm bolts, 10 M3 nuts and 10 M3... Read More
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MakerBeam - Eye Plate Kit

Part No.: 4446-031

Shipping Weight: 22.00 g.

£1.48 (£1.78 inc tax)
In stock
A stainless steel eye plate kit to fit MakerBeam. The kit includes one eye plate, two bolts, two washers and two nuts. We added the washers since the holes... Read More
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MakerBeam - Vinyl End Caps, Black, Pack of 4

Part No.: 4446-032

Shipping Weight: 7.00 g.

£1.48 (£1.78 inc tax)
In stock
End caps for MakerBeam in black vinyl. To finally can give the beams little feet. We think it gives them a nice finish. To protect your desktop or to... Read More
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MakerBeam - 3D Printed End Caps, Pack of 4

Part No.: 4446-033

Shipping Weight: 7.00 g.

£1.85 (£2.22 inc tax)
In stock
A pack of 4 end caps for MakerBeam. To protect your desktop or to prevent your MakerBeam project from slipping away. Another product to give the beams... Read More
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MakerBeam - M3 Hex Nut Driver, Long

Part No.: 4446-035

Shipping Weight: 37.00 g.

£3.28 (£3.94 inc tax)
In stock
A 5.5mm nut spinner for M3 fixings. A soft plastic grip with a spinning end cap make this a more comfortable tool to use especially when used with MakerBeam.
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MakerBeam - Storage Box

Part No.: 4446-999

Shipping Weight: 950.00 g.

£7.67 (£9.20 inc tax)
In stock
MakerBeam Storage Box with multiple compartments. A Starter Kit will fit into this box but also gives you little more storage space. There is room for... Read More
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