Unusual / Specialist Connectors

OBD-II connector

Part No.: 2703-010

Shipping Weight: 11.62 g.

£4.20 (£5.04 inc tax)
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Description: OBDII is an on board diagnostics standard that is used on a large variety of cars. OBD-II provides access to numerous data from the engine... Read More
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2mm 10pin XBee Socket

Part No.: 3804-032

Shipping Weight: 0.36 g.

£0.45 (£0.54 inc tax)
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Description: This is a 10-pin socket with 2mm pitch that mates with the popular XBee radio from Maxstream. Use this small part to avoid having to solder... Read More
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ATX Power Supply Connector - Straight

Part No.: 2703-001

Shipping Weight: 4.36 g.

£1.20 (£1.44 inc tax)
In stock
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Description: This is a 24-pin Molex Mini-Fit Jr.? connector, commonly used as the power supply connector on ATX motherboards. Two rows of twelve pins are... Read More
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