2-Pole Power Connectors

2-Pole in-line connectors from 50A to 175A


This range of connectors is commonly used as the 'removable link' on robots as a means of disconnecting the battery supply from the motors and weapons where the requirement is for the battery current to flow through the key.
To use as a removable link, two connectors of the same current rating are required (note the connectors are identical in that there is no male or female variant but still plug together), one attached to the robot wired in series with the battery supply and one as the 'key'. You will need to connect both terminals of the key together using a large diameter stranded wire (see picture) in a loop. This loop also provides a suitable means of pulling the key out as the optional handles are quite large. We would recommend soldering the wires into the terminals unless you have adequate tooling to mechanically crimp them.

Please note that connectors of the same current rating but different colour will not fit together.

50A Power Connector Grey

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Anderson Power Products 50A Power Connector Grey shell only. Excludes Terminals - Choice of 75A terminal connections available as follows: For 6mm 2... Read More
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