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Round Pin

Compression round pin terminals in red, blue and yellow sizes.

Bagged in 100's, orders for 10 or more bagged in 1000's

Crimp Blue Round Pin 1.9 x 12

Part No.: 1225-002

Shipping Weight: 86.00 g.

£4.08   £2.20 (£2.64 inc tax)
In stock
End of line, less than 5 remaining
Pack of 100
440 Techno Points

Crimp Yellow Round Pin 2.8 x 14

Part No.: 1225-003

Shipping Weight: 185.00 g.

£6.30   £3.94 (£4.73 inc tax)
In stock
End of line, less than 2 remaining
Pack of 100
788 Techno Points


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