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Our machine shop has also been re-located as part of the business move to Rugby, we anticipate the machines will be operational around mid December. Orders placed which include custom bore sizes and tapped holes will be processed as soon as the machines are spinning again.


A range of crimp sets containing an assortment of crimps housed in a handy divided tray with sturdy lid. See the Large Lug section for a kit of copper tube lugs.

Crimp Kit 10 Copper Tube Lug

Part No.: 1270-013

Shipping Weight: 790.00 g.

£18.38   £15.75 (£18.90 inc tax)
In stock
End of line, less than 2 remaining
A selection of 78 copper tube lugs in the range 10-70mm2 in a 12 compartment plastic box.  See the Kits section for a range of standard crimp connectors.
3150 Techno Points

Silverline Crimp Terminals Pack 82 Piece

Part No.: 4555-717

Shipping Weight: 120.00 g.

£2.98   £2.28 (£2.74 inc tax)
In stock
Mini pack of crimp terminals includes ring, fork, butt, male and female crimps. Organiser case.
456 Techno Points


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