Sealed Lead Acid Chargers

Dedicated SLA battery chargers.

MFA 12V 500mA SLA Charger

Part No.: 1070-032

Shipping Weight: 500.00 g.

£7.91 (£9.49 inc tax)
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Titan 12V charger for 12V lead acid batteries of over 2.5Ah (recommended).  Charge rate approximately 0.5A.  LED indicates unit operation.  In line fuse and... Read More
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Ideal Power 12V 2A SLA Charger

Part No.: 1070-043

Shipping Weight: 500.00 g.

£30.68   £24.54 (£29.45 inc tax)
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A 3-stage 2A sealed lead acid battery charger for 12V batteries sets with a recommended capacity of over 10Ah. Input voltage range 115/230Vac Size 120L x 62W...
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