Super Capacitors

High Value Super Capacitors.

10F 2.5V Super Capacitor

Part No.: 2040-010

Shipping Weight: 6.00 g.

£3.60 (£4.32 inc tax)
In stock
This small double layer super capacitor from Sparkfun COM-00746 can be charged up and then slowly dissipated running an entire system for hours. Combine two... Read More
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1F 2.5V Low ESR Super Capacitor

Part No.: 2040-001

Shipping Weight: 1.00 g.

£3.00 (£3.60 inc tax)
Out of Stock
Stocks due in less than 1 week
Description: Yes you read that correctly - 1 Farad capacitor. This small cap can be charged up and then slowly dissapated running an entire system for... Read More
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Kitronik Super Capacitor Charge Controller Kit

Part No.: 2904-237

Shipping Weight: 50.00 g.

£4.80 (£5.76 inc tax)
In stock
Super capacitor charge controller kit This board provides a rechargeable power source that can be used to power a project. It works by charging up a 1F... Read More
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