Battery Monitors

A range of bargraph type LED voltage indicators that sequentially light up a series of LED's as the voltage changes. Also our receiver battery load tester.

LiPo Fuel Gauge MAX17043G+U Breakout Board

Part No.: 2900-432

Shipping Weight: 3.00 g.

£7.20 (£8.64 inc tax)
In stock
Description: LiPo batteries are a great way to power your projects. They're small, lightweight, and pack a pretty good punch for their size.... Read More
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Kitronik Battery Tester Kit (Retail Version)

Part No.: 2904-102

Shipping Weight: 60.00 g.

£3.60 (£4.32 inc tax)
In stock
This kit has a single AA battery holder into which a battery can be placed, LEDs then illuminate to show the remaining capacity of the battery. The... Read More
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