Next Shipping Day 3rd December

We are now in the process of moving Technobots 120 miles North to the Town of Rugby. You can still place orders on-line as normal but they will not be dispatched until after we re-open on the 3rd December

Machining Services

Our machine shop is also being re-located so we are unable to carry out machining modifications on gears, sprockets, pulleys etc. Any order placed which includes machining options is unlikely to be processed until mid December.

Sounder Transducers

Transducers requiring an external drive circuit.

Piezo Transducer 5V 14mm x 7mm

Part No.: 2400-140

Shipping Weight: 1.00 g.

£0.86 (£1.03 inc tax)
In stock
A 5V rated transducer that will work over the range 1-20Vdc. 13nF capacitance. >80dB at 10cm sound output at a nominal frequency of 4kHz. Requires a drive... Read More
172 Techno Points

Piezo Transducer 9V 24mm x 7mm

Part No.: 2400-145

Shipping Weight: 2.00 g.

£1.30 (£1.56 inc tax)
In stock
9V nominal rating but will work over the range 1-30V DC. rated current at 9V = 3mA. 17nF capacitance. >85dB at 10cm output at the rated frequency of 4kHz.... Read More
260 Techno Points

Mini Sounder Surface Mount 10mm x 5mm

Part No.: 2400-170

Shipping Weight: 1.00 g.

£0.66 (£0.79 inc tax)
In stock
A surface mount sounder that requires a drive circuit. The sounder has a 160 Ohm coil with a 80mA rating at the rated voltage of 3V. Sound level 85dB at... Read More
132 Techno Points

Piezo Transducer Bare 20x0.42mm

Part No.: 2400-106

Shipping Weight: 1.00 g.

£0.31 (£0.37 inc tax)
Out of Stock
An uncased miniature piezo transducer offering an ultra low profile. Ideal for use with speech and music modules as fitted to greetings cards and... Read More
62 Techno Points

Magnetic Sounder Transducer 12mm

Part No.: 2400-160

Shipping Weight: 1.32 g.

£1.51 (£1.81 inc tax)
In stock
Description: This is a small 12mm round magnetic transducer. Drive it direct from a 5V squarewave to generate the tones. Use to create simple music or... Read More
302 Techno Points


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