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5W Audio Power Amplifier LM384N

Part No.: 2242-384

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The LM384 is a power audio amplifier for consumer application. In order to hold system cost to a minimum, gain is internally fixed at 34 dB. A unique input stage allows inputs to be ground referenced. The output is automatically self centering to one half the supply voltage. The output is short-circuit proof with internal thermal limiting. The package outline is standard dual-in-line. A copper lead frame is used with the center three pins on either side comprising a heat sink. This makes the device easy to use in standard p-c layout. Uses include simple phonograph amplifiers, intercoms, line drivers, teaching machine outputs, alarms, ultrasonic drivers, TV sound systems, AM-FM radio, sound projector systems, etc. See AN-69 for circuit details.

  • Wide supply voltage range
  • Low quiescent power drain
  • Voltage gain fixed at 50
  • High peak current capability
  • Input referenced to GND
  • High input impedance
  • Low distortion
  • Quiescent output voltage is at one half of the supply voltage
  • Standard dual-in-line package

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