2g Accelerometer

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2g Accelerometer

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The DE-ACCM2G is an off the shelf 2 axis 2g accelerometer solution with analog outputs. It features integrated op amp buffers for direct connection to a microcontroller's analog inputs, or for driving heavier loads.

To maximise usability, it is designed to fit in the DIP-14 form factor, making the DE-ACCM2G suitable for breadboarding, perfboarding, and insertion into standard chip sockets. To keep things as simple as possible, there are only 4 pins - two for power, and two for the X and Y analog outputs.

Additional circuitry ensures that the product won't be damaged by reversed power connections, or voltages above the recommended ratings.

Need more range? Try the 5g ACCM below.

Dual axis ±2g sensing
750mV/g sensitivity at 5V
500Hz bandwidth
Accurately drives up to a 3k? load
Protective Features: Reverse voltage protection
14v overvoltage protection
Output short protection
Applications: Motion, tilt and slope measurement
Shock sensing

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